How SearchWiz AI works

SearchWiz AI encompasses linguistics and continuous machine learning to improve online shopping experiences.  Our solution shines in a crowded product discovery market because of the comprehensiveness of the AI offering, and how it impacts user experience.

The product feed is imported then enriched and indexed in real-time, the shopper queries are processed and understood, the right products are displayed in the right order on the ecommerce store, our ML algorithms are continuously updated using data from shopper searches, clicks, purchases, and product reviews.

Search That Understands Natural Language

As a result of continuously learning visitors’ search queries,

Search results are improved by NLU models that understand long and unstructured queries.

You’ll always deliver relevant search results to your users

Fast Autocomplete Search

Every time your shoppers type a word in your search bar, it provides smart suggestions.

Our popularity algorithm continually improves search results based on what shoppers search for and click.

Advanced Filter Search

Your shoppers can easily narrow their search using a variety of filters to find the right product.

Analytics in real time at your fingertips

Analytics in real time at your fingertips

By analyzing our analytics, you can identify why sales occur, why sales fail, and how many searches result in sales. This is all done in real time. Additionally, it tracks visitor behavior and generates insights you can use to improve your business.

Search That Syncs With Your Catalog

Your product catalogs can be automatically synced with search instantly, ensuring that your visitors can always find your products.

Search That Spell Checks

Our solution reduces common spelling errors by comparing misspelled search queries in real time. No matter how accurate your spelling is, your visitors will always see the correct search results.

Search That Shows Product Images

 It creates a smooth, visual shopping experience for your visitors by showing relevant product images instantly.

 Search That Is Mobile-friendly

The  search features and benefits work across desktop, tablet, and mobile phones without any hiccups. Meaning your visitors enjoy the same standard of search and shopping experience on any device.

Adaptable to all e-commerce platforms

Be an AI implementation partner. Let’s revolutionize search together !

AI-driven search, product recommendations, and merchandising for ecommerce sites, available for integration with any ecommerce platform.

As part of its commitment to creating an awesome product discovery experience, We offer open APIs for smoother integration

Depending on the business requirements, one can explore the available solutions and build a personalized online experience.

If you are a developer looking forward to exploring our APIs, please get in touch with us at